Valley of the Kings, Egypt

It’s one of the most mysterious locations in Egypt – so many rumours surround the tombs located in the Valley of the Kings.

The final resting places of Egypt’s ruling class, on the West Bank of the Nile were designed to hold everything a Pharaoh may need in the afterlife; gold, riches, pets, furniture, were all entombed with mummified remains.

With new tombs still being discovered and additional chambers being located in existing tombs, the whole site holds an air of excitement for visitors.

Travelling to the valley, two impressive statues gaze over the route; the Colossi of Memnon. Getting out of the car in front of the two imposing statues, the sense of awe was broken by the shouts of local children drawn to us. It was an interesting contrast, ancient statues, surrounded by the laughter of small children.

Despite the constant bites from sand flies (they loved me, I must taste great!), the site was one of the best parts of my visit to Egypt. Walking into the tombs was incredible, knowing how long ago they were built and the ritual associated with the burial process – the level of dedication honouring the dead was still powerful all of those years later.

Many of the tombs were plain, however some still showed remains of painted scenes across the walls. One in particular sticks in mind, a giant illustration of the goddess Nut, stretched out with robes of stars and sky.

Have you visited Valley of the Kings? What are tour best memories?

Author: Zombie Girl

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