Valley of the Kings, Egypt

It's one of the most mysterious locations in Egypt - so many rumours surround the tombs located in the Valley of the Kings. The final resting places of Egypt's ruling class, on the West Bank of the Nile were designed to hold everything a Pharaoh may need in the afterlife; gold, riches, pets, furniture, were … Continue reading Valley of the Kings, Egypt

Temple of Karnak

Boiling hot, breath-taking and ancient. There was no other way to describe it! I visited Egypt a couple of years back in the middle of summer and the heat was glorious! I say glorious - it felt that way by the pool. It didn't feel quite so wonderful whilst I was wandering around ruins of … Continue reading Temple of Karnak

24 Hours in Cairo

Like most people visiting Egypt, the pyramids were one of the highlights of the trip that I’d been most looking forward to. Arriving in Cairo following a quick flight from Luxor at some inhuman hour, I was bundled into a private taxi with a bouncy, energetic guide who immediately took me to a local shop to … Continue reading 24 Hours in Cairo

Red Sea Snorkeling

Before I had even got my head underwater I could feel the fish brushing past my legs. The sun was so bright and it pierced the crystal clear water all the way down to the reef.  Above the surface, we looked out towards the cove where a wrecked boat sat on burning sand, full of … Continue reading Red Sea Snorkeling