We Found Water in a Deserted Place

The drive into Zion had been beauty of a different kind compared to our other stops. Twisting roads and reddish rock encased us as we wound our way into the canyon. Our first stop in Zion was to the Watchman Campground to set up our gear. That was easier said than done. You'd think that … Continue reading We Found Water in a Deserted Place

What a difference a month makes

How Mirror Lake in Yosemite Changes in Just Two Months

A Birthday in Central Park

Up and down, up and down, the scenery flashed past as the carousel spun, taking us laughing riders nowhere and everywhere all at once. It was my 30th birthday and I'd been lucky enough to convince Wandering Beeb, my sister and her partner to spend it with me in New York. I've been a couple … Continue reading A Birthday in Central Park