Turn the Car Around

I was driving around the other day, it was cold, grey and generally typical Manchester weather.

I’d struggled getting up, I had a hectic day ahead and wasn’t really in the best of moods. Then I saw it. Nestled down one of the side streets, a beautiful, colourful, wall mural. I loved it!

Did I pull over to get a better look? No. I drove straight past. Pretty much on autopilot I drove probably half way down the road before questioning what I was doing.

Here was something that made me catch my breath. Here was something that made me smile, brightened the morning, made me feel and I was driving right past it.

When we were in Calgary, I was so excited to spot street art everywhere. The Manchester Bees had me following an art trail around the city. Yet here I was, ignoring something so beautiful on my doorstep.

I turned the car around. I went back and I parked up in front of the painting. As I got out of the car, I realised that there was a second piece of art on the opposite wall. If I hadn’t have gone back, I wouldn’t have realised the other artwork existed. I wouldn’t have taken the time to see the detail and my morning wouldn’t have gotten a little brighter.

Author: Zombie Girl

www.travellingzombie.com www.whenthebeatkicksin.com

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