We Found Water in a Deserted Place

The drive into Zion had been beauty of a different kind compared to our other stops. Twisting roads and reddish rock encased us as we wound our way into the canyon. Our first stop in Zion was to the Watchman Campground to set up our gear. That was easier said than done. You'd think that … Continue reading We Found Water in a Deserted Place

Temple of Karnak

Boiling hot, breath-taking and ancient. There was no other way to describe it! I visited Egypt a couple of years back in the middle of summer and the heat was glorious! I say glorious - it felt that way by the pool. It didn't feel quite so wonderful whilst I was wandering around ruins of … Continue reading Temple of Karnak

New Year, New Travels: Travel Goals

As we approach 2018, many blogs are looking back over their favourite posts and trips. It's always nice to remind yourself of where you have been but we also thought that it would be useful to share some thoughts on where we are going. Travelling can be an expensive business, but it doesn't have to … Continue reading New Year, New Travels: Travel Goals