A Comment on Future Posts and COVID-19

Hi all, it’s been a while since the last post. It feels like so much has happened since then, not to mention that we are all in the midst of a pandemic that seems to have uprooted everyday life so quickly and completely. It’s shown me how fragile our illusions of control, safety and comfort really are.

I worried about sharing travel posts at a time when we are being encouraged to stay at home, self isolate and practice social distancing. I worried about focusing on adventures when many people are critically ill or dying.

I hope that my future posts are not taken as a dismissal of the current events that we find ourselves in. I write because it gives me a creative outlet and helps my mental wellbeing, particularly when I’m feeling stressed. I’ve a number of posts ‘in draft’ that are ready t to share, I just hadn’t gotten around to it. With this in mind, sharing posts of past adventures is done in the spirit of managing my own wellbeing and hopefully providing any readers with a distraction from the near constant news feed on Covid-19.

Please take these posts in the spirit in which they are intended. To everyone finding these current times hard, we will get through them, together. My thoughts go out to everyone affected and my sincere thanks (that’s not a big enough word) to all of the NHS, Social Care workers and Key Workers (drivers, shop assistants, factory workers, carers and many more) who are keeping the world ticking over and saving our lives.

Stay safe x