Calgary Street Art

At the end of our trip in Canada last year, we found ourselves with a couple of hours to kill in Calgary before flying home.

We didn’t really have time to make a specific trip out to a tourist spot or take a mini city tour (something that can be a really good way of seeing places when you are short on time).

Instead we took some time to wander round the streets and soak up the atmosphere. Luckily it was nice and sunny, meaning we could meander round the streets fairly comfortably.

On our unstructured trek round the city, we found loads of interesting street art, as well as a festival celebrating different cultures.

Street festival in Calgary

A mix of culture, music and food was on offer and a band in the centre of the plaza had people up dancing, enjoying the sunshine.

One of the most interesting artwork we spotted was the Wonderland sculpture in downtown Calgary. This is a huge wire structure of a human head which shows different faces, depending on the angle it’s viewed from. As it’s on the main route to most places, its definitely worth a quick visit.

The Wonderland sculpture in Calgary

We stumbled on the metal horse sculpture as we were wandering through some of the shopping districts – it was great to see unique artwork in a public space and it created a talking point with other people who were stopping to look at the sculpture in more detail.

Metal horse sculpture in Calgary

It just goes to show that you don’t have to take a tour, pay lots of money or even have a specific destination in mind to get a feel for a new place. Sometimes, a simple wander around the local streets is all you need to discover some interesting sites and experiences.