We’re Going On An Adventure….

Getting started, when you don’t know how to get started.

I bet most people who start a blog say the exact same thing – where do I start? We weren’t sure if we should start with our newest travels or with some of the older trips, a written piece, or a photoblog. So we started with the memories. Going through boxes of ticket stubs, photos and paperwork spanning trips as recent as last month, to trips many years old. We started to talk about the things that stood out from our trips. In most cases, it wasn’t ‘typical’ landmarks, that stood out (although sometimes it was) – often it was a conversation with fellow travellers, a night spent with friends or getting lost in unfamiliar territory. These were the things that we decided to write about, the things we wanted to share. They are random, un-coordinated and tinged in the rose-tintedness of memory – but they are (we think) the most interesting bits about travelling. They are the things that keep us going back for more!

It’s the same with trying to travel part time. It’s hard to know where to start. It’s all about looking for somewhere that will make a memory. It doesn’t have to mean setting off on a 12 month adventure, or flying half way around the globe. Find something that sparks your imagination and makes a connection. It could be only a half hour drive from your house, but if it taps into your emotions, you can guarantee that’s what will make the best adventure memories.

enlight6The open road, full of possibility and adventure. The start of a journey always makes me nervous – mainly because of the unknown waiting around the corner, but it’s exactly that unknown quantity which makes me so excited for what could happen next. 

Author: Zombie Girl

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