Ingleton Falls, UK

Water always seems to be a big theme in our travels. We don’t try to seek it out intentionally, however it always seems to be that our destinations have a water theme – rivers, lakes, waterfalls.

We’ve had many conversations about how calming it feels to be near the water -usually when we are visiting somewhere pretty with lots of water, in between commenting on ‘how we don’t do this enough’. Ingleton Falls is one of those places you can visit again and again – we have probably only been there once in the sunshine (it rains a lot!) but we have been a number of times in the drizzle and every time has still felt refreshing. Walking along the river bank, heading up the side of the falls, the sounds of the falls echo throughout the trees, building a soundtrack to the hike and it feels almost trance-like.

There is magic hiding in the surrounding areas, where people hammer coins into wish trees, creating living sculptures. It’s captivating and creepy in equal measures to look at the vast number of coins, knowing that they represent the wishes of hundreds of other day trippers and travellers who have walked the path before you. This is one of the shortest distances our travels have taken us, however it’s a good reminder that you don’t have to go a great distance to find something magical.


Author: Zombie Girl

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