Walking The Walls: Dubrovnik Old Town

The walls around Dubrovnik old town are a World Heritage Site and are excellently preserved examples of fortification – making them a ‘must do’ if you are visiting the city. For the cheap price of  around 100 Kuna (about £11, although it seems to have risen to 150 Kuna or £18 for 2017), we spent a chunk of the morning wandering around the walls, taking pictures and trying to work out what CGI had been added for their numerous appearances in Game of Thrones. enlight34Being up high, we were able to look out over the city, getting a sense of the gloriously polished stone floors through to the terricotta rooftops of people’s homes. It was raining on and off as we made our way round the walls and we quickly realised that all of that stone flooring, whilst pretty, was incredibly slippy in Converse!  If you plan to walk the walls, make sure you bring some grippy shoes incase of rain – nobody wants to slide down the walkway on their bum in front of lots of other tourists (we saw at least two people do this and I was a close third, only saved by my death-grip on the wall).

enlight33Walking around the walls along the coastline, the scenery was stunning, made all the more beautiful when it was framed by the small square portholes built into brick. Luckily the rain stopped as we headed round to Fort Lovrijenac and we stopped to take some pictures of the cove. The waves were crashing over the rocks and with the rain clouds starting to drift away, the scenery was incredibly powerful. enlight32

To get to the next part of the wall, we had to time our run across the path, with the advancing sea crashing over the concrete. Other people were also trying to avoid the waves as they hit the rocks and it became entertainment for us, laughing and gasping as small groups either made it across successfully, or as people were drenched mid-run. As for us, after a couple of false starts (the waves were much bigger when you were face to face on a narrow path!), we made it across fairly unscathed.   enlight30




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