Gluten Free in Split, Croatia

Toto’s Burger Place

Located right on the front of the pier, this little gem is really easy to find. With indoor and outdoor seating, it was a good place to sit and watch the world go by.

+ Staff were really knowledgeable about the contents of the food and offered suggestions to swap out ingredients and sauces that might not be suitable. They were also well aware of cross contamination too.

+ Lots of variety – burgers (with great tasting burger buns), pasta and salads that were all dairy and gluten free.

+ Quick service

+ Indoor and outdoor seating

Marta’s Veggie Fusion

Huddled down one of the winding streets inside the palace walls, Marta’s is a treat for Vegan / Gluten Free dietary needs. We were here twice – gorgeous food and very friendly staff. Top tip, get the chips to take away and sit on the steps outside Luxor to watch the live musicians play the night away.

+ Amazing chips!

+ Lots of choice

+ Gluten Free, dairy free and vegan

+ Eat in or take away

+ Huge portions

+ Can adapt meals to cater for dietary requirements

+ Cake!

BezGlutenski Svijet

Looking for something to help with self catering? This place is the one for you! This is a ‘free from’ shop with all of the essentials: bread, pasta, milk, frozen meals and treats – all gluten free, diary free and vegan.

+ Good range of products

+ Porridge pots – great for breakfast

+ Cooking products e.g. flour

+ Bread and sandwich fillers

+ Ready-Made meals

+ The best diary free ice cream!

+ Great for self catering travellers

Step By Step

Right around the corner from our apartment, this little restaurant was always busy. We bought vegan / gluten free muffins from here for breakfast and they do a gluten free pizza too.

+ Pizza!

+ Tasty Muffins – great for breakfasts!

Did we miss anywhere? Share your top tips in the comments!

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