Gluten Free /Dairy Free Travelling 

When you are in a new place, it can be a nightmare to find somewhere to eat that meets dietary requirements.

I need to avoid gluten and dairy. This can make for some pretty long searches for places to eat!

For those of us with dietary requirements, eating out can be an event organised with military precision. Where to go, what to eat and the dreaded ‘will it make me sick’ question is never far from our thoughts.

This means that it’s always nice to do a bit of research to find the best places to eat. It’s either that or I end up eating gluten free pizza for a week (I did that in Budapest as there was nothing else on offer. I never thought I’d see the day when I got bored of pizza!).

I thought I’d share the love and highlight some of the places that I’ve visited. Keep in mind that some trips may have been some time ago and therefore it’s best to check out places are still gluten free / dairy free before you visit -I wouldn’t want anyone getting sick!!

Gluten Free In Split

Simply Raw Bakery, Vienna